How to save today.

Whatever your reasons for putting your money aside, don't let it waste away in some bank account. Put it to work in our fund saving plan. That way, you'll be invested in a diversified portfolio of undervalued stocks that have been hand-picked by our experts. You’ll benefit from the long-term upward movement in stocks at reduced risk. Our value investing approach enhances the returns.

And while you decide when and how much you invest, your assets will show a much better long-term return than in a savings account. With the possibility of getting out whenever you like.


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As simple as it’s successful: start saving through funds today.

If you decide here and now that our prize-winning Classic Global Equity Fund is for you, you can open your fund saving plan today. Right here and now. Let’s get going.





Our Classic Global Equity Fund turns savings into profit.

The success of our prize-winning Classic Global Equity Fund is our value investment strategy. In other words, our fund managers seek out stocks that are seriously undervalued. It's like buying a dollar for 60 cents. It gives us an increased profit potential and a margin of safety in the event of negative developments.

The fact we invest your hard-earned money as if it were our own is a matter of honour. That's why our fund managers likewise entrust their own money to the Classic Global Equity Fund. Admittedly, not quite selflessly, as a glance at the results from recent years will show.

The performance of our Classic Global Equity Fund is world-class.

BWM – We put our know-how and all our own money into our funds.

We believe in asset management based on value investing heart and soul. And that's why the Classic Funds were founded in late 1997. Today BWM is a partnership of experts who implement value investing uncompromisingly and regardless of conflicts of interest.

The secret of our long-term, above-average track record? No short-term thinking combined with long-term investment. We believe in thorough analysis rather than blindly following the crowd. Seeking out hidden potential and buying a dollar for 60 cents. Because, ultimately, it's all about your savings. And our own.

We cut no corners carving out advantages for you.

  • You can open your fund saving plan account simply and online.
  • You determine how much and how often you pay into our fund. You are also free to make one-time payments.
  • Our low-cost fund saving plan involves no unnecessary minimum fees.
  • Since its foundation in 1997, BWM AG has posted outstanding, prize-winning performance as an asset manager.
  • For you, weak market phases are good news: you buy more units when prices are low and fewer when they're high.
  • Thanks to value investing, you generate long-term additional returns.
  • You are never under any obligation. And you can draw out your money at any time you wish.